The Localism Bill (and subsequent Town & Country Planning Regulations 2012) removed the requirement for local planning authorities (LPAs) to formally submit an Authorities (formally ‘Annual’) Monitoring Report to the Secretary of State (SoS). However, the Bill still requires LPAs to monitor the impacts of their land-use policies, and Erewash Borough Council is strongly committed to communicating the performance and achievements of its planning service with the local community and all users of the service.

The added flexibility LPAs are now afforded through revised Regulations mean AMRs can now take on varying formats better shaped around local objectives and spatial priorities.

The Borough Council produce AMRs which responds to a large number of locally-set policies from the adopted Erewash Core Strategy. Understanding the effectiveness of these policies is essential to know whether progress is being made towards meeting strategic objectives concerning environmental, social and economic matters.

Erewash’s latest Authorities Monitoring Report for 2016-17 has now been published by the Borough Council. Its production provides the Council with an opportunity to consider the effectiveness of the monitoring framework underpinning each of the Core Strategy’s 20 policies. The release of a further AMR helps Officers to better understand the impact of its local and strategic policies, and prior to the release of the 17-18 AMR the Council will begin assessing the contributions made by older Saved Policies to delivering sustainable development in Erewash.

It is anticipated that the 16-17 AMR will be the last in its current format. The following edition will seek to present a range of data in a more interactive and engaging format with the objective of providing stakeholders with easier access to a diverse set of information concerning land-use planning in Erewash.

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