Environmental Issues Policy

One of our strategic aims is safeguarding the local environment. A first step towards this is doing what we can, as an employer and a provider of services, to try to ensure our policies, procedures and working practices do not harm the environment. This is why we decided to adopt the Corporate Environmental Policy as set out below.

The protection and enhancement of the local environment is not something we can achieve alone, however. Everyone can help at home, at work, at school or at leisure.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities on the local environment on the basis that good environmental quality benefits everyone.

We recognise that we depend upon our environment to provide all our basic needs, and that it is the source of our economic prosperity.

We acknowledge that if we damage the environment we damage ourselves as well as future generations and other species.

Our commitment arises not only from an awareness of potential threats to the environment, but also from a desire to improve the quality of life for all sections of the local community.

We will maintain and continuously improve the environmental quality of Erewash by:

  • Minimising any adverse environmental impacts and preventing pollution resulting from our own activities

  • Encouraging others in the community to do likewise

  • Working in partnership with others to promote environmental enhancement

  • Promoting environmentally responsible behaviour throughout the Borough

  • Complying with relevant environmental regulatory requirements

  • Keeping our own activities under review

  • Setting objectives, targets and responsibilities to ensure the aims of this policy are met.

In all our activities we will seek to:

  • Minimise energy use, as set out in the Corporate Energy Policy, and promote responsible energy management throughout its area

  • Minimise water use in its own buildings and in delivering services

  • Promote sound waste management practices by minimising its own waste production through reducing materials consumed, re-using and recycling materials wherever possible

  • Purchase products and services which do the least damage to the environment wherever possible

  • Work with others to protect and enhance the diversity of the natural environment while encouraging community awareness and participation

  • Protect and enhance the built environment by encouraging good design in new development and awareness of the historic and cultural heritage of the area

  • Work with the Highways Authority to provide a more sustainable transport system which integrates land use and all forms of travel to minimise environmental impact, and reduces the need to travel, particularly by private car

  • Minimise and monitor air, water, noise and land pollution caused by the authority's own practices, accepting the principal that the polluter should pay

  • Raise awareness and encourage participation in environmental issues throughout the whole community

  • Work with others in the local community, for example schools and the Health Authority, to encourage good environmental practices and explore causal links with other issues and problems.

In order to achieve this we will:

  • Operate an environmental management system which will enable us to set targets and monitor performance and make this information publicly available

  • Raise awareness amongst staff of our Corporate Environmental Policy and provide guidance in implementing actions arising from the policy

  • Provide information and encourage an open dialogue with the local community on environmental issues through the Environmental Strategy process

  • Work with and encourage our contractors, suppliers and partners to set environmental standards similar to ours

  • Ensure our compliance with all relevant environmental legislation

  • Enforce regulations and give advice to local industry and businesses

  • Encourage and support, wherever possible, the sustainable use of local materials and expertise.