Bins and Recycling

Welcome to Erewash's Waste and Recycling page. We aim to help you understand more about waste and recycling within the borough. You can also find a list of our different services available to the residents of Erewash.

What happens to my waste?

Erewash diverts all the waste from its household waste collection, including food waste to a new waste treatment facility in Derby.  When waste is processed any recyclable items are removed before the non-recyclable elements are converted into refuse derived fuel, which is used to generate electricity.

None of Erewash’s household waste is sent for disposal to landfill.    

Recycling in Erewash

Recycling is collected from your kerbside and processed by the Casepak Material Recycling Facility in Leicester. 

It is important to put the correct items in the recycling bin. This will help reduce contamination. Please see our recycling page for more information on what you can recycle.

Not sure what goes in each bin?

If you're not sure what goes in what bin, you can check on our A-Z of Waste and Recycling page.

Not sure when your next collection is?

You can find your next bin collection day online, just enter your address.  Black bins should be placed out for collection on the alternative week to your green recycling bags and blue recycling bin and brown bin.

How do I report a missed bin collection?

By filling in a missed bin form on your My Erewash account.