Garden Waste Collections

The dates for the last brown bin collections in the borough for the winter have been confirmed.

Brown bins in the north of the borough – Ilkeston and the surrounding areas – have their last collection week commencing 28 November 2022. Garden waste collections will restart the week of 20 February 2023.

Brown bins in the south of the borough – Long Eaton and the surrounding areas – will have their last collection the week commencing 5 December 2022. Garden waste collections will restart the week of 27 February 2023.

During this time brown bins can be used, alongside blue bins and green bags, for any extra dry mixed recycling until the garden waste rounds resume next year.


New Brown bin 140ltr: £29.70
New Brown Bin 240ltr: £31.80

Lost and stolen bins (black and Brown): £13.80

What can be put in your brown bin

  • Dry grass cuttings, leaves and shrub/bush trimmings.
  • Windfall fruit.
  • Hedge trimmings.
  • Dead flowers, plants and weeds, all with soil shaken off.
  • Trimmed branches no thicker than a standard food tin.

What can't be recycled in your brown bin:

  • Soil, sand, gravel, bricks, rubble or stones. 
  • Textiles, shoes or clothes.
  • Food waste.
  • Animal waste
  • Toys.
  • Garden tools, garden ornaments or garden machinery such as lawn mowers. 
  • Vacuum cleaner contents.
  • Nappies.

On collection day, place your brown bin at the edge of your property where it joins the footpath or road, closest to where the refuse vehicle passes. The brown bin must be placed out for collection by 7am on your day of collection.  We cannot guarantee your collection will take place at the same time every fortnight. Brown bins should be placed out for collection on the same day as your blue bin.