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2023-24 EBC Tracker Survey. 

Here is the final quarterly Tracker Survey of 2023-24 and it again asks general questions about Erewash Borough Council services and communications. By using the same questions on a regular basis the council is able to track its performance over time and assess if any changes it has made have had any impact on resident's views on its service areas. 

Please take a few moments to complete the survey here before 11.55pm Friday 29 March 2024.

Next year's Tracker Surveys will be available during the following months:

  • Q1. May and June.
  • Q2. September.
  • Q3. November and December.
  • Q4. February and March 2025. 

Erewash Borough Council Budget Consultation 2024-25 - Survey is now closed.

Local authorities (Councils) across Derbyshire and throughout the country are dealing with large increases in costs and reduced funding from central government. For Erewash Borough Council, the cost of services we use are rising, as is the cost to deliver services. There is also increased demand for some services that we have a statutory duty to provide, putting further pressure on the Council's finances. The funding we receive from Government does not cover all our costs which means the Council is facing the most challenging financial position for years.

The Council must legally set a balanced budget. This is similar to your household; if you need £500 each month for essential spend (your budget), but you only have £450 income (your pay), you need to find a way of making these match (balancing your budget).

This means that you either need to:

  • make savings of £50 to bring your spend down to your. Or
  • use savings in your bank of £50 each month, knowing that you can't do this. Or
  • you need to increase your income by another £50 per month.

This is exactly the dilemma the Council is facing right now, so difficult decisions are going to have to be made to achieve a balanced budget for next year.

The Council asked residents, businesses, and wider stakeholders for their views to help shape the Council’s services and budget. Residents where able to suggest where they feel the Council can make savings or changes, or generate more income. 

Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire County Council (DCC) is committed to listening and learning from local people and provide important services to residents, visitors, employers and employees in the county and are always looking for ways to improve them.

Finding out what people think of the services DCC provide is essential because it helps the council to work out how to improve them and their commitment to consult ensures this will happen. Consultation is the process of informed communication between DCC and the users of their services prior to the council making a policy decision or determining changes to service delivery.

Details about current DCC consultations carried out in the past and those planned for the future can be found at Derbyshire County Council Have Your Say where you can read about the purpose of each consultation, find out who is being consulted and how to get involved.