Erewash Borough Council will make awards to qualifying businesses who applied for funding under the Covid-19 Additional Relief Fund scheme (CARF).

Council Executive met on June 7 when it approved and determined the value of awards - by way of businesses rate relief - to all businesses in the borough that submitted a successful CARF application.

The council received £1.97m from government to administer the scheme and a total of 33 Erewash companies, covering 46 different premises, applied for the funding. The total of the rates relief granted to Erewash businesses would be between £195k and £390k.

Remaining funding will be awarded to other qualifying businesses in the borough who did not apply for CARF at a reduced rate than those who made a successful application.

Councillor Wayne Major, Lead Member for Resources, says:

“This funding would help many businesses in the borough following a difficult period during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses that applied for the funding would see reduced business rates, and many other Erewash businesses which are eligible also look set to benefit. ”

The government introduced the CARF scheme in December 2021 so that councils could provide support for businesses adversely affected by the pandemic which had not previously been eligible for any business rate reductions. The property must have been occupied or closed temporarily due to the government’s advice on Covid-19.

More information on support for businesses can be found on the CARF page. 

Council Executive resolved that awards of 33% against the liability for all businesses who submitted successful applications for funding under the scheme be approved.