Erewash Borough Council will help households taking part in the Homes for Ukraine scheme who receive Council Tax Support.

The national Homes for Ukraine scheme will see households receive a monthly £350 ‘thank you’ payment. The government has passed a law so that this payment is disregarded in means tested benefits such as Universal Credit and Housing Benefit. It is encouraging councils to offset any reduction in Council Tax Support (CTS), as a result of the £350 payment, with an equivalent discretionary discount. Households could lose hundreds of pounds in a year without this discount.

However, at a meeting on May 3, Council Executive approved the use of the council’s powers to grant discretionary discounts to replace any loss of CTS entitlement for those households participating in the Homes for Ukraine scheme.

Councillor Wayne Major, Erewash Borough Council’s Deputy Leader and Lead Member for Resources, says:

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people who want to help those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. With this discretionary discount in place it will mean that people in receipt of Local Council Tax Support will not be left out of pocket if they are taking part in the Homes for Ukraine scheme.”

A person who has received a visa under the Homes for Ukraine scheme will be disregarded when assessing entitlement to council tax discounts. This means that there will be no change for people who pay discounted council tax, such as a single person discount.