We are working hard to make Erewash a cleaner place to live...but we need your help!
Our special teams are clearing up litter, graffiti and fly-tipping and making sure that those making the mess pay the price.

But it isn't all bad news!

We want you to get involved and have fun while making a real difference to the Borough. There are lots of things you can do:

Community Cleanup

Get together with friends and neighbours and do something about an environmental problem in yoIMG 2397ur area.  Full support given by the Pride in Erewash Team.

Erewash in Bloom

The Erewash in Bloom Gardening Competition aims to encourage communities, schools and businesses to take pride in their environment through gardening and horticulture. The competition encourages people to produce and maintain beautiful gardens and floral features which help to make Erewash a nicer place to live and work.

Adopt a Park

 Erewash Borough Council is inviting schools and community groups in the area to adopt a park or an area of green space in their neighbourhood.

It is hoped that the "Adopt-a-Park" scheme will encourage young people to develop a caring attitude towards their environment and stimulate an interest in nature and wildlife. Participation in the scheme will also help schools who are working towards an "Eco-Schools" award and can also be linked to the Citizenship element of the National Curriculum.

Adopt a Street

Join in with your neighbours and keep your street free from litter with support from the Pride in Erewash Team. 

Adopt a Box

Erewash Borough Council's dedication to keeping its streets clean has linked up with telecommunications company, Virgin Media, to keep all their street side boxes free of graffiti. The Council is asking those residents who have a box directly outside their property to think about "adopting a box". Adopting one of these boxes would give residents the ability to keep the area around their property as clean and tidy as the property itself.

School Recycling Scheme

As part of our drive to increase waste awareness in the area, the Borough Council is keen to work more closely with schools. There are a number of ways in which we can help schools take part in recycling and develop waste awareness. Pride in Erewash branded recycling and composting bins can be supplied for collections of paper, plastic bottles and garden waste. Participation in the scheme will also assist those working towards an "Eco-Schools" award and also support them in their Citizen studies - now part of the National Curriculum.

For further information on School Recycling please email: waste@erewash.gov.uk

Further information on Eco-Schools 

In Bloom Steering Group

Come and join a group of horticultural enthusiasts who have an interest in making a difference in their local community. Regular meetings are held and it is an opportunity to pool horticultural knowledge and generate new ideas. Everyone welcome.

For further information email inbloom@erewash.gov.uk

The Tree Warden Scheme

The Tree Warden Scheme is a national initiative that enables people to play an active role in conserving and enhancing trees and woodlands in their local area. The scheme was founded by the Tree Council and is co-ordinated by them in partnership with Local Authorities like Erewash Borough Council through it's Pride in Erewash Campaign.

For further information on the Tree Warden Scheme contact jaimey.richards@erewash.gov.uk

You've seen we clean!

Let us know about something that needs tackling in your area.

Erewash Borough Council's PRIDE line – 0115 850 8383 is a confidential 24-hour hotline giving residents the power to tackle environmental crime (fly-tipping, littering, abandoned vehicles and graffiti) in their local area.


There are lots of simple things that you can do to keep Erewash clean. Always put litter where it belongs – in the litter bin. Why not do something positive like pick up any (safe to handle) litter you see and drop it in a litter bin? Every little bit helps to make a difference.

Or you could get together with some of your work mates, friends or neighbours and get involved in a cleanup project. We will provide the full kit and support needed to make your community cleanup a success.

Whatever you do, do something positive and make Erewash a better place to live.

You can contact us by:

Email: richard.windsor@erewash.gov.uk

Pride-line : 0115 850 8383 (24 hours confidential hotline).

For out of hours emergencies please call 0115 907 2244.

Erewash Borough Council

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