A man who advertised waste removal services on Facebook and then fly-tipped the rubbish in Sawley has been made to pay more than £800 for blighting the borough.

Darrell Leon Radford, 49, of Wheeldon Court, Nottingham, pleaded guilty to a charge of fly-tipping, and appeared at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 19 December.

Mr Radford left ten bags of domestic waste, three plastic boxes of waste, a washing basket, a paddling pool and cardboard boxes containing waste on private land off Lock Lane, Sawley. A member of the public had paid him £35 to dispose of their waste.

Amongst the waste was the name and address of the person who had paid Mr Radford. The council’s neighbourhood wardens were able to trace him from this. The wardens spoke to the resident and issued her with a formal caution for not checking Mr Radford held a waste carriers licence.

In mitigation the court heard that he had attempted to dispose of the waste at his local tip but was refused entry as it was believed he was disposing of waste as a business and did not have a waste carriers licence.

He must pay a fine of £200, the council’s full costs of £582.46 and a victim surcharge of £30. A total of £812.46.

Councillor Garry Hickton, Lead Member for Environment at Erewash Borough Council, says:

“Anyone who is advertising services to dispose of other people’s rubbish must have a waste carriers licence. It is equally as important that anyone who pays someone to take rubbish away checks that the person they are paying is a registered waste carrier. People can check this on the Environment Agency’s website. Fly-tipping in Erewash will not be tolerated and we will prosecute those responsible, as this case proves.”

Search for licenced waste carriers on the Environment Agency website.