Drainage problems

Erewash Borough Council is not responsible for the maintenance or repair of private drains or sewers. The local sewerage undertaker (for Erewash this is Severn Trent) is responsible for the repair and maintenance (including unblocking) of all sewers and lateral drains. 

Drains remain the responsibility of the owner of the property. If you are a tenant, please contact your landlord.

The situation is rather more complex when considering sites which contain multiple properties, i.e. blocks of flats. In these cases the common boundary of the site, not the boundaries of individual properties is considered when determining the status of the drains/sewers. 

The following situations also fall into this category:

  • A caravan site or residential/holiday home park

  • A hotel/boarding house

  • An office or commercial building

  • An industrial, business or retail/science park

  • A school or university campus

  • A hospital or other medical facility

  • A railway station

  • An airport or port. 

If a blockage appears to be within the site, you should initially contact the owner of the site/building or his agent.

Where you believe the blockage is in a lateral drain or the public sewer, please contact Severn Trent on 0800 783 4444.

If you believe the blockage is on a private drain, you should initially contact a drain clearing company (see Yellow Pages for local companies). 

If you have any particular queries with regard to household drainage issues then please contact Environmental Health by telephoning 0115 907 2244 Ext. 3820.

Blocked Gullies

A road gully is a chamber covered with a metal grill/grate at the edge of a highway.  It collects and drains water from the highway. In most cases gullies are emptied and cleaned by Derbyshire County Council. Telephone: Call Derbyshire: 08456 058 058 or 01629 533190

Erewash Borough Council

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