Contains: - Financial information about projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audits.

(Where available, information will cover at least the current and previous two financial years and be available for the council as a whole and for Directorates or other identified cost centres).


Financial statements, budgets, spending reviews and variance reports

Financial Information about how we spend your money [internal link]
Details of expenditure over £250

Capital programme Erewash Borough Council's Capital Expenditure [internal link]
Financial audit reports Annual Statements of Accounts [internal link]
The members’ allowances scheme and the allowances paid under it to councillors each year Latest Members Allowance Scheme [internal link]
Staff allowances and expenses Staff Allowance Schemes
Pay and grading structure Erewash BC pay and grading structure
Election expenses (returns or declarations and accompanying documents relating to election expenses sent to the council)

Details on how to access information on election expenses can be found on the Electoral commissions website [external link].

Anyone wishing to view this information may do so by appointment at the Ilkeston Town Hall.

To arrange an appointment please contact elections [internal link] on 0115 9072244 Ext 3602

Procurement procedures Contract Procedure Rules
Procurement Strategy [internal link]
Erewash Procurement Guidance to appear here shortly
Details of contracts currently being tendered Details of current major Council contracts may usually be viewed on the Source Derbyshire [external link] website
List of contracts awarded and their value Awarded contracts are available on the Source Derbyshire [external link] website
Internal financial regulations Erewash Financial Regulations [internal link]
Treasury Management Strategy [internal link]

Erewash Borough Council

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