Our historic environment is part of our cultural heritage, it has shaped the towns and villages in which we live, and reflects our knowledge and traditions of our diverse community. The historic environment gives the places that we live meaning, quality and distinctiveness, providing a sense of continuity and our source of identity.  

Historic Environment Conservation is the process of valuing, caring for and managing change of these areas, to preserve and enhance the uniqueness and quality of the places we live. It is important that we recognise the value of these areas, and embrace opportunity for change to reveal or reinforce the value for present and future generations.  

Development Proposals affecting Historic buildings and designated Conservation Areas have additional requirements in the planning process. It may be criminal offence to undertake works without consent and it is always advisable to check first. Conservation will advise the Development Management Team as to how the built environment is protected and enhanced, and provide guidance for works to a listed building or a property in a conservation area.

Please contact conservation@erewash.gov.uk for more information.


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