This document outlines the Travel Plan for Erewash Borough Council. The overall aims of the plan seek to deliver sustainable transport objectives through action and articulate in a document that is regularly reviewed. The Travel Plan identifies a number of actions aimed at promoting sustainable travel, with the emphasis on reducing the reliance on single occupancy journeys. It will assist the Council in meeting a range of other objectives including reduced cost and improved health of employees.

This plan can assist in increasing accessibility whilst reducing congestion, local air pollution, greenhouse gas and noise. Importantly, this plan can increase the Councils efficiency, which is why an increasing number of organisations are deciding to produce voluntary Travel Plans.

A well developed Travel Plan can mitigate adverse traffic impacts of a development and the Government recognises their importance in achieving improvements in transport conditions at the local level. Further evidence suggests that people who are physically active in their daily lives are more productive and have a good attendance record. There are a number of national and regional strategies that advocate the health benefits of walking and cycling. Active travel as part of a Travel Plan provides an opportunity for people to improve their health as part of the daily routine of getting to and from their place of work.

The Employee Travel Plan brings together the proposals for Travel Plan implementation, monitoring and review. The action plan indicates how the various elements of the plan will be drawn together and how we will prioritise the actions, who will be responsible for them and the timescale for them to be completed