Erewash Borough Council signed up to Local Authority Carbon Management programme in 2008 so that it could have access to the abundance of knowledge and expertise available in the public sector to tackle carbon emissions from its own operations. This second Carbon Management Plan continues to draws on this experience with additional support from the Local Government Association (LGA) through their Climate Local programme. This plan will sets out a programme for a 19% reduction on our current emissions of 3559 tonnes of CO2 over the next 5 years.

The Carbon Management Plan supports Erewash’s priority of making Erewash cleaner, greener and safer. The Council believe that climate change is a big challenge we face and here, in Erewash, we are determined to continue to make a difference. We are committed to the ethos of thinking globally, but acting locally. For this reason, we have produced the Carbon Management Plan.

The Plan outlines a financial case for taking action on carbon emissions. The Council has the opportunity to mitigate the effects of rising energy prices and deliver carbon and financial savings estimated at 672 tonnes of CO2 emission reductions and £183,650 cost reduction over the next five year life of this plan, if all of the identified projects are implemented and targets met. The financial benefits of reducing our carbon emissions will mitigate the predicted price increases if energy costs continue to rise.   

Erewash Borough Council could realise real savings and potentially reduce our annual growth on energy by 22% in relative terms between 2013 and 2018. In financial terms we would have been facing an increase in costs of energy and fuel from £1.172m in 2012/13 to £1.505m by 2018/19 if we hadn’t taken any action in previous years through our initial Carbon Management Plan.