What are the site inspections to be undertaken during the construction?

We have a statutory duty under the law to ensure that the regulations are enforced within Erewash.

Anyone undertaking building work has a duty under this legislation to notify us of the various stages of construction as follows:

  • Commencement of work

  • Excavations

  • Foundation Concrete

  • Damp proof Course

  • Floor slab preparation

  • Drains before back fill

  • Drains after back fill

  • Completion.


How to book an inspection: 

You will need to let us know as soon as your builder plans to start work.  This can be done by downloading the LABC Site Inspection app www.labc.co.uk/app and requesting a site inspection through the app, or by telephoning (0115) 907 2221

To request a same day inspection, please contact us before 10.00am (Mon - Fri).


Our building control Section have drawn up an inspection plan. On our first visit the building control officer would hope to meet the builder and/or owner to discuss and agree the inspections required for your project.

The inspection plan indicates what inspections are required, whom to contact and what notification is required. This can assist us both in ensuring that the work is carried out to a satisfactory level and on completion of the work a completion certificate can be issued.

The inspection plan not only gives the period of time that must be given to the local authority of the work to be inspected. It also gives our commitment to you of the service we aim to provide.

Can I get a completion certificate when the work is finished?

Where full plans are submitted for work which is also subject to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 we must issue you with a completion certificate once work has finished.

In other circumstances, you will be issued  with a certificate when the work is finished.

We endeavour to issue a completion certificate on all completed work. A completion certificate forms a very important record of the work carried out to your property and should be safeguarded with your property's records. It is likely that the certificate will be requested when you come to sell your property.

Work not satisfactorily complete

If work is not considered to be complete or work is not satisfactory a completion certificate cannot be issued.

We will advise you of the additional work required to comply with the building regulations, and will often give a time limit by which all the work must be completed.

Failure to act may result in us taking formal legal proceedings for contravention of building regulations requirements, however we would wish to avoid this action with your co-operation.


Further Information:

Our Building Control Area Map provides you with the details of the Building Control Surveyor responsible for your area.

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