Erewash Borough Council

Police & Crime Commissioner election 6 May 2021

Along with voters in 41 other police force areas in England & Wales, excluding London voters in Derbyshire had the opportunity to vote for the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC)

Information about the role of the Police & Crime Commissioner.

Angelique Foster for the Conservatives was elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire.

Voting Method

These elections used the Supplementary Voting system where voters can choose a first preference candidate and a second preference candidate. When the first preference votes have been counted, if no candidate has an overall majority (more than 50%) the second preference votes for the top two candidates are then counted. First preference and second preference votes for these two candidates are then added together. The candidate with the most total votes wins the election.

Each local authority will count their own votes and provide these to Derby City Council. Once all the results are collated, they will declare who is elected as PCC for Derbyshire and this web page will be updated.