Erewash Borough Council

Discretionary Energy Rebate Payment

Who can get this rebate?

In addition to the support under the government scheme to pay £150 to people whose main residence is in a band A to D property (or living in a band E property and entitled to a disabled band reduction) the council will also pay £150 to people who meet the following criteria:

  1. Households living in Band E-H properties in receipt of Local Council Tax Support
  2. Households living in Band E-H properties who have a reduction in their Council Tax due to a person living in the property being disabled or providing care

In addition the following conditions must also be met:

  • There will only be one payment per household; payments will not be split if there is shared liability to pay council tax
  • The applicant must have been resident / liable for council Tax on the 1 April 2022 at the property being claimed for
  • You cannot claim if you have previously received a payment under an energy Rebate scheme
  • Empty properties and second homes are excluded from receiving a payment under this scheme.

How will I get the £150 payment?

For applicants who fall under either criteria 1 or 2 above and who pay their Counci Tax by direct debit, you will be paid automatically to the same bank account you pay your council tax from.  If you do not pay by direct debit the payment of £150 will credited to your Council Tax account.  You do NOT need to make an application, this will be paid automatically.

When will I get the £150 payment?

These payments should be completed by the 25th August 2022.  If you have not been paid by this date please contact us using the Energy Bills Rebate Enquiry Form from your MyErewash account.


Additional schemes

The Council will also pay £150 to:

  • Households living in Band E-H properties claiming a means-tested benefit

Or will pay a reduced amount of £75 to:

  • Households living in shared accommodation who have their own liability to pay to pay their fuel direct to an energy company i.e. it is not included in the rent.  (The amount is reduced in recognition of a smaller living space and to ensure that a property does not receive a disproportionate amount compared to other households)

For either payment, the applicant must still fulfil the conditions above.

To get the payment for one of the additional schemes, you will need to apply for the payment online via our delivery partner Grant Approval.  We cannot pay these automatically as we need to see evidence that you are liable to pay the energy bills yourself (if you live in shared accommodation) or evidence of your means-tested benefits.

Please visit GrantApproval to complete your application.

I do not have online access or I need help

The council will provide help for you to complete the form if you do not have a friend or family member who can support you.

Details will be displayed here when the application process is made live.

Where can I find out more information?

More information about the Energy Rebate Payment, as well as other ways the government is helping with rising energy costs, is available on the Government's website.