Waste Collection Policy

The council will not return for any bin that:

  • Has not been properly presented.

  • Is too heavy, contaminated or compacted.

  • Is not reported within 24 hours of the collection being missed.

The service standards below outline what you can expect from the council, and what the council needs you to do to ensure you get the most out of the service.

  • Remove household waste fortnightly and on alternative weeks collect garden waste and recycling bins/bags.

  • Provide all the services between the hours of 7am and 4pm.  Please do not report a missed bin before 3pm on the day of collection as crews may still be working.

  • Provide a fortnightly collection of household waste, a fortnightly collection of garden waste in a brown bin and a fortnightly collection of kerbside recycling material in the free green bags.

  • We will only empty bins with the lid closed, no side waste will be taken for black and brown bins. Extra recycling (blue bins) will be collected - this needs to be clean and any cardboard flattened. This can be placed at the side of the bin or in green bags/bags for life.

  • Pick up any waste that is dropped by the crew whilst the bins/bags are being emptied.

  • Empty genuine missed bins within two working days subject to access and weather.  Please note that bins missed on a Friday may take longer to empty as the collection round will change from black bins to green bags/blue bins/ brown bins.  We try and ensure that the waste we collect is still collected by crews collecting the same type of waste as that missed. in other words we ensure that a crew collects your missed recycled waste in a vehicle that is collecting recycling in another part of the borough.

  • If a whole street is not accessible due to parked cars the crew will return later the same day to attempt to empty the bins/bags. A crew will return every day until access is gained and the presented bins are emptied. The bins/bags must be left presented as we cannot confirm when we will gain access.

  • Return bins/bags to the correct point of collection after emptying and secure the green bags where possible.  If your bins or bags are not being returned you can let us know using one of our digital forms on your My Erewash account.  To register for an account see the Your account area at the top of this page.

  • Be courteous to the public at all times.

  • Repair if possible or replace any bin which has been damaged by the crew or vehicle during emptying.

  • Give advance warning of any changes to the service over Christmas and the New Year. 

We ask that you:

  • Ensure we have access to your bins/bags on collection day and that they are presented by 7am.

  • Report un-emptied bins on the day of collection where possible but no later than 24 hours.  You can use the form on the website to report a missed bin.

  • Ensure that the un-emptied bin remains accessible until emptied if we have agreed to return for it.

  • Do not use your brown bin for recycling once the garden waste season starts again.

  • Do not contaminate your garden waste by placing non recyclable material in it.

  • Do not contaminate your blue bin by placing non recyclable waste such as food, nappies or pet bedding in it.

  • Ensure your car is parked in a responsible manner allowing the refuse freighter access to the road.

  • Ensure the lid on your black bin is closed when presented and that no side waste is presented for collection.

  • Only present waste in a bin supplied by or purchased form Erewash Borough Council.