Report a Missed Bin

Streets are sometimes missed due to access issues caused by parked vehicles or roadworks. Check the black bins pageblue bin page or garden waste collections page for any streets that have been missed. You do not need to contact us if your street is listed.

If your bin has been missed and your street is not listed please fill out a missed bin form by Signing in or registering for a My Erewash account 

Do not report that your bin has been missed until after 3pm on the date of collection, in case the crew return. You have until 24 hours after the day of collection to report a missed bin.  We try to return within two working days of the missed bin report.  If we have not collected your bin after the third day, please contact us for an update. Please note that the crews record the details of why bins are not collected.

We will not return to empty the bin if it has been recorded as:

  • Not presented for 7am.
  • Not presented at the edge of the property, closest to the collection point.
  • Too heavy for the lifting mechanism on the freighter. Items will need to be removed and presented for the next collection as side waste cannot be taken.
  • Contaminated by something that should not have been in the bin. Items need to be removed and disposed of properly and the bin placed out for the next collection.
  • Compacted so that gravity did not allow the contents to empty when placed on the lifts. Items need to be loosened and the bin presented for the next collection.

We do not take side waste so please do not ask us to return if extra garden and household waste left by your bin has not been collected.