Blue Bins and Green Bags

What can be recycled in Erewash?

Blue bins and green bags are used for household recycling in Erewash. The cost of a 140 litre blue bin is £29.70, or £31.80 for a 240 litre bin.

Green recycling bags can be obtained free of charge from the Town Hall at Long Eaton or Ilkeston, Shopmobility in Long Eaton or Ilkeston. You can still use green bags for extra recyclable material if you have a blue bin.  Blue bins can be purchased using a My Erewash account.

Recycling can also be placed in bags for life but not black bin liners.

See our A-Z of recycling services page to find out what you can recycle. Recycling myths and why recycling is important can be found at Recycle Now where you will also find information on understanding recycling symbols. 

All councils are trying to reduce the amount of waste that is going to landfill and the range of collections are helping us achieve these targets.  We measure how much waste is collected and how much can be sent for reuse, recycling and composting.  The measure is per household and is linked to a national benchmark to identify an accepted standard of performance and show what areas of improvement are required.

Blue bins and green recycling bags should be placed out for collection on the same day as your brown bin. If you use green bags you may wish to leave a plastic bottle filled with water or sand for the crew to secure the bags when emptied. On very windy days residents may chose not to leave their green bags out, preferring to leave collection to the following fortnight, to reduce the likelihood of recycling bags being blown away.

Cardboard boxes

Large cardboard boxes and additional recycling can be collected if they are broken down into smaller pieces that can easily be fitted inside of the recycling bin with the bin lid closed properly. Please either place the cardboard inside the recycling bin on the next recycling collection or leave the cardboard by the side of the bin. However if it is raining please do not leave the cardboard outside to get wet because the crews will not pick up cardboard that is wet through and falling apart.

Please carry out the following when recycling:

  • Ensure that all plastic, food cans, and glass bottles/jars are empty and clean by rinsing.
  • Ensure that carrier bags are empty and tied in a knot.
  • Wash all food cans and food dishes.

Filled in a missed bin form? Please leave your bin out. Crews will return as soon as possible.

When will my bin be delivered?

We usually take no more than 28 days to deliver your bin.  Remember that if you move address within the borough to let us know if you are taking the bin with you so that we update our records to show that your blue bin needs to be emptied at the new address as not every address has a blue bin collection. If you use a blue bin that has not been purchased from us we will not empty it.

Lid Repairs

If your blue bin lid detaches call into Ilkeston or Long Eaton Town Hall where we might be able to provide you with a replacement lug.  There are different sizes and types of bin and so if you have the other lug we can provide you with the right size.

Blue Bin - Terms & Conditions

  • The Service Standard for recycling collection is the provision of free recycling bags for the presentation of materials.
  • The blue bin is offered as a chargeable option to residents (free to those on assisted collections).
  • The wheeled bin is the property of the householder, who remains responsible for its upkeep, maintenance and replacement.
  • Continued contamination or misuse of the blue wheeled bin may result in the Council withdrawing collection of the bin and the resident will revert to collection of bags. No compensation or refund will be offered in such circumstances.
  • The Council will only replace or repair bins damaged by its operatives during collection.
  • If you move property and take your bin with you please notify the Council so our records can be kept up to date.
  • The allowable weight the bin can hold is 100kg. If the bin is heavier than this it will not be emptied and we will not return to empty your lightened bin until your next recycling collection day.
  • The bin lid must be down.
  • Replacement bins will not be provided free of charge unless liability is admitted by the Council.
  • On your collection day the bin must be placed at the curtilage of your property by 7am ready for collection.