Black Bin Collections

A number of household waste (black) bins have not been emptied recently as the contents have included rubble and builder’s waste. We kindly ask residents not to use their black bins for building waste as our crews will not be able to empty the bin. Some items may be accepted at the Household Waste and Recycling Centre, which is run by Derbyshire County Council. Check the Derbyshire County Council website for information about materials such as chipboard, plasterboard, concrete and rubble that can be taken to the centre 

Filled in a missed bin form? Please leave your bin out. Crews will return as soon as possible. 

Your black bin is for general waste and is collected once every two weeks. Side waste will not be collected. On collection day place your bin at the edge of your property where it joins the footpath or road. 

The bin or bags must be placed out for collection by 7am on your day of collection. We cannot guarantee your collection will take place at the same time every fortnight.

Black bins should be placed out for collection on the alternative week to your recycling. Check your bin collection day with our online checker tool. 

If you have just moved in to an existing property or a new build it should have a black bin for your household waste and a brown bin for your garden waste. If it does not, you may need to speak to the property estate company or your landlord as every house should have these bins left at the property when residents move house. 

If your bin is lost or stolen 

If a bin has been lost or stolen there is a £39.00 charge for a 240 litre replacement or £37.00 for a 140 litre bin. 

What not to put in your bin

Please do not put the following items into your black bin. All of these items should be placed in your green recycling bags or blue bin.

  • Plastic bottles and tubs including milk bottles, pop bottles, water bottles, cleaning and beauty product bottles, margarine tubs, butter tubs, soft cheese tubs, yoghurt pots, cream pots, ready meal food trays, empty carrier bags.

  • Food cans, drinks cans, clean foil, foil food dishes, empty aerosol cans.

  • Paper, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, greetings cards, envelopes, wrapping paper, yellow pages, telephone directories, paperback books, writing paper, printing paper, shredded paper.

  • Cardboard and corrugated boxes, cereal and washing powder boxes, food or drink cartons, egg boxes.

  • Glass bottles and jars of all colours.

Extra capacity bins

If you have six or more people in your household you can purchase an additional 140 litre black bin for £37.00.

If you have eight people living in your household you can purchase an additional 240 litre black bin for £39.00.

You will need to provide proof of residence for each person living at the property. You can submit a request using a My Erewash account.

New Builds

If you move into a new build property, the cost to supply a black 240 litre bin and a blue 240 litre bin is £77.00


If you require communal bins for multiple domestic dwellings the costs are as follows.

To supply a black 360 litre bin there is a charge of £68.00

To supply a black 660 litre bin there is a charge of £285.00

To supply a black 1100 litre bin there is a charge of £305.00

Bin Repairs

If your black and brown bin lid is broken or one of the wheels has come off please call the contact centre on 0115 907 2244. We will ask someone from the Waste Management Team to call and inspect the bin. You will need to leave the bin somewhere accessible until we can get someone out to take a look.