Community Strategy

We aim to provide services to the public of Erewash which are responsive, reliable and offer value for money. We continuously seek to improve our performance through the processes of planning, monitoring and review.

  • The Sustainable Community Strategy is a plan agreed with a number of partners from different sectors in Erewash that sets out what sort of Erewash we want to see by the year 2024 and our strategy for getting there.

  • Our vision is to make Erewash a better place. Our corporate plan, corporate priorities and improvement programme are included in our Corporate Plan 2021-2023.

  • Our Service Delivery Plans set out the outputs, activities and targets that contribute to the delivery of the key outcomes set out in the Corporate Plan and the resources to be used to do this.

  • Effective performance management means that we monitor, analyse and report our progress against our intended objectives. This is essential if performance information is to impact on decision-making and ensure that actions are driving and accelerating improvement.