Open Data

Open data is information held by the government and local councils which is freely available for use and re-use by the public.

The aim is to:

  • Make all data we hold available online (unless private or sensitive)

  • Encourage residents, businesses and anyone else with an interest to use our data to develop applications

  • Increase transparency and accountability.

Open and Transparent Data

This section has been created to support Erewash Borough Council's commitment to providing easy access to information on how we work, how we make decisions and the services we provide.

It also includes all of the data required to be published under the Local Government Transparency Code 2015.

The data on this page is published under the Open Government Licence and is available for you to re-use as you like, including for commercial and research activities.

Local Government Transparency Code Data

Expenditure exceeding £500
Details of each individual invoice of expenditure that exceeds £500 (in this case, Erewash provides expenditure over £250)

Government Procurement Cards
Erewash Borough Council does not use Government Procurement Cards

Tenders and Contract page
Details of each current contract that the council holds

Invitations to tender for contracts to provide goods and/or services can be found by going to East Midlands Tenders.

Local Authority Land
The Asset Register identifies all land and buildings owned or leased by the Council.

Trade Unions
There is 1 member of staff who is a union representatives. They do not spend over 50% of their time participating in union duties. The unions they represent are Unison, GMB and UCATT. The council's spending on union duties is £139. This is an estimated 0.00001% of the total council employee budget.

Parking revenues
The annual parking revenue report is provided by Derbyshire ParkSmarter, a partnership between Derbyshire County Council and the eight district and borough councils. ParkSmarter have been provided annual reports by Erewash and are in the process of updating the annual reports page.

Controlled parking spaces
Full information on our car parks, including locations, charges and hours of stay. There are 1,512 controlled parking spaces in our borough.

Pay policy and Senior salaries
Including employee salaries and grades, senior employee salaries, and pay multiples

The Constitution is the council’s ‘rule book’, providing the framework within which business is conducted and decisions are made.

Fraud investigation
Employee details, expenditure and regulation information on fraud investigations 

Waste contracts
Details of our current waste and recycling contracts 

Open Data

In this section we publish public lists and registers that are frequently requested under Freedom of Information. These will be updated regularly and an upload date for each file will be provided.

A list of all funerals assisted by the council on behalf of a third party Public health funeral register (xlsx,18.73KB)

The Council did previously publish data of commonly requested information relating to business rates. This is also known as Non Domestic Rates (NDR) or National Non Domestic Rates (NNDR). We would also provide information on Council Tax accounts held by businesses and organisations.

There was an Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) First Tribunal judgement (EA/2018/0033), which has highlighted that all taxpayer information is confidential and as such covered by an exemption under Section 41 of the Freedom of Information Act - Information provided in confidence. This is an absolute exemption so is not subject to a public interest test. However, the judgement also held that there was not a strong public interest in support of release under Section 31(1)(a). This was in addition to the information on sole traders and partnerships being exempt under Section 40(2) - Personal Data.

As such the Council has withdrawn this data set on the basis that it is exempt under Section 41 of the Freedom of Information Act. 

The Council considers that Section 41 applies to customers’ accounts but does not apply to accounts where the Council itself is an account holder and is able to provide details, on request, of these accounts subject to Section 40(2) - Personal Data of Individuals or Personal Data relating to living Individuals.

Payments to suppliers

All invoices over £250 (inclusive of VAT) are available for download.  The amount shown on the files is net of VAT as this is the actual cost to the Council. All information is taken from the Council's financial ledger.

More information and all the downloads are available on our Payments to suppliers page.