Payments to Suppliers

Information relating to our payment of undisputed supplier invoices, in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, regulation 113.

Table shows payments made to suppliers since 2017.

Financial Year

Undisputed invoices paid within 30 days (%)

Interest paid due to breach of requirement

Total interest potentially liable to pay


Payments to Suppliers over £250

The council has reports listing payments showing items of expenditure over £250 (Excluding VAT) made by the council to suppliers and external bodies and includes suppliers name, amount, department, type of expenditure and date.  The amount shown on the files is net of VAT as this is the actual cost to the Council.

Details of all expenditure apart from benefit payments and employee pay have been published. Where there is any specific sensitive information, this has been redacted (the individual payments are still listed but no personal details have been disclosed).  Files for downloading will be made available on a quarterly basis. This information is available in line with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, regulation 113.


Expenditure over £250 April 2020. (csv file, 64.2kb).

Expenditure over £250 May 2020. (csv file, 31.66KB).

Expenditure over £250 June 2020. (csv file, 45.18KB).

Expenditure over £250 July 2020. (csv file, 68.33KB).

Expenditure over £250 August 2020. (csv file, 55kb).

Expenditure over £250 September 2020. (csv file, 50.22kb).

Expenditure over £250 October 2020. (csv file, 42.59kb)

Expenditure over £250 November 2020 (csv, 49kb)

Expenditure over £250 December 2020 (csv, 58kb)

Expenditure over £250 January 2021 (csv, 62kb)

Expenditure over £250 February 2021 (csv, 49kb)

Expenditure over £250 March 2021 (csv, 107kb)

Expenditure over £250 April 2021 (csv, 109kb)

Expenditure over £250 May 2021 (csv, 117kb)

Expenditure over £250 June 2021 (csv, 22kb)

Expenditure over £250 July 2021 (csv, 53kb)

Expenditure over £250 August 2021 (csv, 45kb)

Expenditure over £250 September 2021 (csv, 42kb)

Expenditure over £250 October 2021 (csv, 61kb)

Expenditure over £250 November 2021 (csv, 56kb)

Expenditure over £250 December 2021 (csv, 55kb)

Expenditure over £250 January 2022 (csv, 41kb)

Expenditure over £250 February 2022 (csv, 40kb)

Expenditure over £250 March 2022 (csv, 55kb)