Types of Application

Full Plans

The plans submitted with this type of application will be examined and we will advise you of any changes that are required. Upon receipt of suitable amended plans we will issue an approval notice. Our Building Control Surveyors will inspect the work at various stages during construction.

Building Notice

Best suited for small uncomplicated works, it cannot be used for work to non-domestic buildings. Works may commence 48 hours after the Notice is deposited.


May be applied for to obtain approval for work that has been carried out and was not approved or inspected at that time (applies only to work which was commenced on or after 11 November 1985).

The Partnership Scheme

The scheme offers a single point of contact to a local authority building control Section. No matter where the building work is to take place in the country. The architect or builder forms a Partnership Agreement with a local authority, often through the area in which they operate.

The principal being that an architect can have clients in many different areas of the country and in the past the architect has been required to submit the application to the Local Building Control Authority in which the project is proposed. The partnership scheme now enables the architect to submit an application to a single point of contact no matter where in the country the proposal is.

The application will be submitted in the normal way and these plans will be checked for compliance with the regulations. When these plans are approved the Authority in whose area it is within will be notified and the council in which the scheme is to be built will take over the responsibility by carrying out the site inspections to ensure that the work on site conforms to these requirements.

Type Approval Schemes

A particular design for a structure such as a house, factory or shop, is sometimes repeatedly built up and down the country. Each time the proposal is brought to another Local Authority in the past the plans would have to be rechecked for compliance with the building regulations.

The Type Approval Scheme was created to address this - once a building has achieved Type Approval it can be built anywhere in the country without the need for further detailed checks on the design. This saves time and has been recognised by a number of large developers to be of considerable benefit.