Demolition Control and Advice

Generally the demolition of buildings (or parts of a building) over a certain size needs to be notified to the local authority before the demolition commences on site.

When the owner of a building over 1750ft3 (approximately 50m3) intends to have it demolished, Sections 80-83 of the Building Act 1984 require that formal notification be given to Building Control at least six weeks before any demolition work starts. This is to enable all appropriate people and organisations to be advised of the proposed demolition and to ensure that measures to protect the public and/or to preserve public amenities are put in place.

The notice issued should specify the building it relates to and the work of demolition intended to be carried out. Copies of the notice should be given to the occupiers of any adjacent building and the relevant utility companies (gas, electricity and water) as appropriate. It will assist us to process the application if a site plan is also provided and all relevant contact details included.

At least six weeks notification is needed before the start of demolition. We will write back to you as soon as possible, notifying you of your obligations under the Act. Once you have received such notification you may start the demolition works; otherwise you should wait until the six weeks has elapsed.

Note: It is an offence to demolish a building without the necessary notice being given.

Planning Permission

Please note that Planning/Listed Building/Conservation Area Permission may also be required before the demolition of certain types of buildings starts. If you are unsure and require further information please contact our Development Control Service.

What we do

  • Control demolitions under the powers of sections 80 and 81 of The Building Act 1984.

  • Provide licences to demolish structures in a safe manner.

  • Liaise with the relevant public utilities to ensure that all services are sealed.

  • Where appropriate to notify neighbours of demolition site of any impending demolition.

  • To take any enforcement action as may prove necessary.

What we ask you do to

  • Serve a section 80 Demolition Notice on us six weeks before commencing work

  • Inform us when work commences

  • Inform us when work is complete

  • Tell us if we have done well or how we might improve.