Local Authority Building Control

LABC is the marketing and promotion arm of the DSA (District Surveyors Association) promoting Local Authority Building Control as a fully co-ordinated National organisation. 

Full-time staff provide a central point of contact for the many initiatives from their London based office, which include Local Authority National House Type Approval - a fast track route for the approval of standard building design and systems and is operated throughout England and Wales.

Some of their initiatives, which are sponsored by local authorities Nationally, include the Partnership Scheme, the Type Approval Scheme and 'Submit a Plan': these are briefly described below.

Should you be interested in finding out more details of the services provided visit the Local Authority Building Control website.


LABC service provides for a number of insurance warranties for aspects of the building industry. It provides a policy to cover latent defects in design construction or materials on any new or substantially refurbished commercial property, providing that property is inspected by Local Authority Building Control Officers. Visit LABC new homes warranty for more information.

For more details contact free phone 0800 183 1755.