Erewash Core Strategy

The Erewash Core Strategy is currently in review, view the Erewash Core Strategy Review.

The Erewash Core Strategy provides the Council with a strategic spatial planning framework through its inclusion of policies which address new housing and regeneration, economic development, our town and local centres, green belt protection, green Infrastructure, climate change and the positive management of our built and natural environment.


Erewash Borough Council - Adopted Core Strategy PDF (4.39 MB)  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an accessible version of this information.

Access our mapping webpage to access the Borough Council's interactive mapping system where you can view a version of the Erewash Policies Map 2014. The policy layers will need to be loaded manually via the following method: 1) Click on the "My Maps" tab. 2) Tick "Planning (Policy Data)" within the "Map Categories" table to view the relevant layers.

Evolvement of the Core Strategy document:

Progress on the production of the document began back in 2009 when councils who form the Nottingham Core Housing Market Area (HMA) (Broxtowe, Erewash, Gedling, Nottingham City and Rushcliffe) worked together to produce an aligned Core Strategy. This represented a coordinated response to addressing the HMA’s objectively assessed growth and infrastructure requirements, as well as a number of other conurbation-wide planning issues of a spatial nature across Greater Nottingham.

The timeline below outlines the Core Strategy’s evolvement, including all notable milestones:

June 2009 – Publication of Greater Nottingham Aligned Core Strategy - Issues and Options document.

February 2010 – Publication of Option for Consultation (Preferred Options document).

Autumn 2010 - Coalition Government announce planned revocation of Regional Plans.

July 2011 – Consultation over re-based housing figures (all HMA councils except Rushcliffe BC) and a revised approach to planning for climate change (all HMA councils).

September 2011 – Consultation over Erewash strategic sites (around Ilkeston).

Winter 2011 – Erewash announce ‘de-alignment’ from remaining Greater Nottingham councils to concentrate on the production of its own Core Strategy document.

June 2012 - Publication of the Erewash Submission Version Core Strategy document.

November 2012 – Submission of the draft Erewash Core Strategy to the Secretary of State

April 2013 – Independent examination of the submitted Core Strategy.

June 2013 – Publication of Main Modifications and subsequent public consultation.

November 2013 – Further hearing session held to discuss the delivery of Erewash housing sites.

January 2014 – Inspector’s Report issued.

March 2014 – Core Strategy adopted by the Borough Council.

Each of the above stages involved the production of a significant number of documents necessary to meet regulatory requirements and to ensure effective stakeholder consultation/engagement was able to occur. This included the assembly of a voluminous library of documents needed to support the independent examination process (for more information see the Evidence Base webpage). Should you require documentation associated with any of the various stages of the Core Strategy’s production, please get in touch with the Planning Policy. Telephone (0115) 9072255 extension 56001 and we will happily arrange to supply you with electronic versions of any copies sought.