Saved Policies

In addition to the strategic policies contained within the Erewash Core Strategy, a large number of largely non-strategic planning guidance are included as part of the Borough’s Saved Policies document. Much of the content originates from a succession of adopted Local Plans produced from the 1990s onwards, although scoping work undertaken around the time of the Core Strategy’s adoption show policies to still remain in broad conformity with national planning guidance.

Together, the policies of the Saved Policies document alongside those of the adopted Core Strategy form the Council’s Development Plan. All decisions made by the Council in respect of development proposed by planning applications must be in conformity with the content of the Development Plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

A number of saved policies have a spatial expression (the location and extent of conservation areas, statutory environmental designations and housing protection zones). All such policies can be viewed through accessing the Council's e-Mapping webpage and turning on those policy layers of interest from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

The Borough Council will keep policies within its Saved Policies document under review to ensure each remains broadly in-line with national planning guidance. Future Authorities Monitoring Reports will be tasked with undertaking this exercise.