Erewash Borough Council

Evidence Base

The availability of an extensive evidence base helps give the Borough Council access to a comprehensive resource of relevant facts, information and data concerning Erewash and its surrounding areas. This is used to inform, and where necessary refine, the development of planning policy.

Whenever the Council embarks on the production of new planning policy, it is vital that it is founded on an extensive knowledge of local environmental, economic and social conditions. Many of the documents which comprise the Council’s current evidence base have made influential contributions in guiding the drafting of policies within the now-adopted Erewash Core Strategy.

As circumstances evolve, both through changes to national planning guidance and the conditions evident within the Borough, the Council is committed to keeping an up-to-date evidence base. This sees the frequent addition of new or revision of existing studies and assessments, so it is important to regularly check these pages of the Council’s website to ensure you are viewing the most recent library of evidence base documents.

Our current evidence base (below) is divided into topics for ease of viewing. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact the Planning Policy section who will be able to advise you on the availability of documents.


The Borough Council is required to assess the level of need for the scale, type and tenure of housing within Erewash. The following documents assist us to understand what planning policy must plan for to ensure an effective local housing market which helps to meet the diverse needs of its population.

Nottingham Core SHMA 2009 update

Erewash Housing Strategy 2011-16

Derbyshire & East Staffordshire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (2015)

To access information regarding the Borough's SHLAA 2014 and Five Year Supply, Self Build and Custom Build Register and Brownfield Land Register, please use the navigation panel on the right-hand side of this webpage under the subheading Evidence Base.


Erewash’s stock of employment sites and premises are largely associated with its manufacturing sector. The Borough has a strong industrial legacy both within, and outside of its main urban centres although many of these premises are increasingly aged with their long-term future in employment uses uncertain. In response to this challenge and in order to plan to meet Erewash’s assessed employment needs, work has been undertaken to locate and assess the quality of the Borough’s portfolio of current and potential employment locations.

Erewash Employment Land Study 2011 – Assessments document

NCRELS – Executive summary

NCRELS – Erewash sites assessment matrix


The Borough is home to two notable market towns at Ilkeston and Long Eaton, with each town centre accommodating a wide range of facilities which contribute substantially to Erewash’s economy. In addition, the smaller ‘local’ centres of Borrowash and Sandiacre also play an important, albeit lesser, role in meeting the service needs of their nearby communities. Ensuring good trading conditions within each centre is crucial to safeguard current levels of vitality, and our planning policies are expected to assess whether a need exists for additional capacity within any of Erewash’s centres and if so, how this can be achieved sustainably within the confines of national guidance. The following documents have informed the Council’s approach to development within its town and local centres.

Erewash Retail Needs Study – 2010 update. This has a series of sizeable appendices which are not available to directly access here, but should you wish to obtain copies then please contact the Planning Policy section who will arrange to provide you with the appendices.

Executive Summary

Erewash Centres Healthcheck Work (2011)


Erewash has an extremely diverse natural environment which supports strong biodiversity networks across the Borough. While the Council has challenging growth targets it is required to meet, this should not be at the expense of its natural environment, with new development expected to support net increases in biodiversity wherever this is possible. The environment is an extremely broad entity, and much work has been produced by the Council and partners to understand its unique qualities locally, the sensitivities caused and challenges posed by ongoing changes to the climate, whilst recognising those assets which require protection and enhancement through the planning system.

The range of evidence base documents/web page links listed below reflects the inherent diversity found within the Borough’s environment.

Areas covered by the GNSFRA

GNSFRA – Non-Technical Summary (2008)

GNSFRA – Briefing Note (2008)

Greater Nottingham Outline Water Cycle Study (WCS) (2010)

Derbyshire Housing Market Area (including Erewash) - Cleaner, Greener Energy Study (2010)

Report 1 – LDF Evidence Base review

Report 2 - Preparing for NI 186 and Options for Local Authority Power Generation

Report 3- Sustainable Design & Construction Guidance

Low Carbon Energy Opportunities & Heat Mapping for Local Planning Areas across the East Midlands (2011)

Derbyshire Landscape Character Assessment (2009)

Derbyshire Areas of Multiple Environmental Sensitivity Study (AMES) (2011)

Lowland Derbyshire Biodiversity Action Plan (including Erewash) 2011-2020

Erewash Green Space Strategy (GSS)

Erewash BC Planning Policy Guidance 17 (PPG17) Audit & Assessment

PPG17 Audit & Assessment (Map book)