Local Plan 

The Borough Council are required to produce and maintain a Local Plan which puts in place a positive framework for planning in Erewash Borough.

Since 2004, when the production of an Local Plan became compulsory for local planning authorities, Erewash has regularly added to (and periodically updated) its suite of Local Plan documents. This has helped ensure the timely availability of planning policy and useful guidance that spans a wide range of matters enabling the Council to be clear on its approach to the development and use of land within the Borough. Recent changes to planning legislation now however require the Council to review the strategic policies within its Local Plan every five years to ensure these continue to conform with planning guidance and the Government’s main planning priorities.

The Local Plan contains a number of Development Plan Documents (DPDs) - some of which the Council are legally required to produce whilst others are optional. Each element of the Erewash Local Plan can be accessed from this page; with other important background information also made available to help clearly explain the role and purpose of each document.

Local Plan review:

The Borough Council are in the early stages of commencing work to replace its adopted Core Strategy. To find out more information about this please visit our Core Strategy Review page.

The Borough’s key planning policy document is the Erewash Core Strategy. This was adopted in March 2014 and contains 20 strategic policies which, through their implementation, will assist the Borough to achieve its long-term growth requirements out to 2028. 

Erewash Saved Policies document:

This document accompanies the Erewash Core Strategy and contains a wide range of non-strategic localised policies helping to ensure new development is sustainable. Together with the Core Strategy, the policies represent the Council’s Development Plan and provide a robust framework against which all local planning decisions are taken. 

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD):

Whilst the production of SPD’s is not compulsory, such documents are extremely useful in offering additional guidance of a more specialised nature which covers a range of issues, both thematic and site-specific in scope. Erewash’s portfolio of SPDs  positively address a number of local planning matters, complementing a number of policies in its Local Plan.

Erewash Statement of Community Involvement (SCI):

Erewash’s Statement of Community Involvement establishes when, how and with whom the Council will engage and consult with in respect of the production of planning policy documents, while also establishing how the Council goes about publicising the planning applications it receives.

Erewash Local Development Scheme (LDS):

The Borough Council are required to produce a Local Development Scheme in accordance with Section 15 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (as Amended). The LDS enable the Council to transparently make stakeholders aware of which local development documents (documents containing policies which influence the development and use of land) are to be produced, in what order and when. 

Authorities Monitoring Report (AMR):

Authorities Monitoring Reports are produced on an annual basis by the Borough Council and help us to understand whether our Local Plan policies are achieving their intended objectives in delivering sustainable development across Erewash. 

Some planning policy documents are not currently on our website. If you would like copies please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Planning Policy Team on 0115 907 2244 ext 56001