Help with your council tax

Discretionary Housing Payments

Council Tax Support is not always enough for you to be able to pay your Council Tax bill. If you have unusual or extreme circumstances which are causing hardship we may be able to help through the Council Tax Discretionary Fund. As the name suggests, we make payments at our discretion.

There are no rules that give anyone a right to a payment, but we may be able to pay you from the Discretionary Fund if we believe that you need extra financial support.

To receive an award you must:

  • Be getting Council Tax Support

  • Satisfy the Discretionary Housing Payment Officer that you require extra help with housing costs by providing your income and expenses.

There is still some funding available for the current year. Further information is on the Discretionary Housing Payment Page.


If you are paid too much Council Tax Support, the overpayment can be recovered from yourself. Any overpayments will be added back to your Council Tax account. However if the overpayment is as a result of an official error, it may be deemed not recoverable. Like all decisions made by us, you have the right to appeal against it.

Debt Advice

If you are experiencing difficulties paying any debts, the Council recommends that you contact the Citizens Advice on 0808 278 7954 for independent and free advice. Drop in services are available within the Erewash area - please contact them for further details. The Citizens Advice have also released a Council tax protocol calling on councils to commit to fair and effective debt collection.

The Money and Pensions Service have a Money Navigator tool and they can also help with referrals to independent debt advice.

Breathing Space

We are urging residents to find out more about a new national Breathing Space scheme that has been launched to shield people in problem debt from further interest and charges.

The government scheme is for those in problem debt who are receiving debt advice.  The scheme offers a break of up to 60 days if a debt adviser thinks it necessary.

The breathing space is not a payment holiday, as regular bills must still be paid, but the chance to work out an action plan.

People receiving treatment for mental health issues can get more help. The separate system lasts for the length of that treatment, plus another 30 days.

Visit GOV.UK or contact Citizens Advice, telephone number 0808 278 7954

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