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We expect a sharp rise in residents trying to get in touch with us in March of each year, as more than 60,000 Council Tax and business rates letters drop through letterboxes.

High volumes of phone calls will usually result in delays in speaking to staff and we advise residents to use our website and register for a My Erewash account.  Answers to many of the questions that people want to ask are available online.

Annual Council Tax Rates

The Council Tax charge is partly based on the value of a property and partly on the number of adult residents. The property element and the person element each amount to 50 per cent of the charge.

There are discounts, reliefs and exemptions depending upon eligibility, as as well as Council Tax Support for people who are on a low income.

Apply for, or remove Exemption/Discount online via a My Erewash account. (opens in a new window)

The basic bill assumes that there are two adults resident in the property. If there are more than two, the charge is not increased, but if there are fewer than two, a discount can be granted.

This discount amounts to 25 per cent of the total charge, in other words, half of the personal element of the charge. You can also apply for, or remove Single Persons Discount using your My Erewash account.

The Council Tax Leaflet that is included with the Annual Statement has further information. To request this information in an alternative format please contact us using your My Erewash account.

Council tax payable for 2021/22 and 2022/23

Property bands explained

All domestic properties are chargeable properties for the purposes of Council Tax and the amount of Council Tax payable depends on the valuation band into which the property has been placed. Each property has been banded based on its expected selling price as at April 1991.

Find out more about Council Tax Property Bands by viewing the Property Bands page.

Find your Council Tax Band

You can find your Council Tax band on the Valuation Office Agency (opens in a new window).

Budgetary and Financial Information

Further information about Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Authority and Parish Councils can be found by clicking on the following links:

Derbyshire County Council (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)

Where your council tax goes

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Where your council tax goes
Who spends your money?% of total billLast year 2021/22This year 2022/23% increase
Derbyshire County Council73%£1,383.07£1,424.563%
Erewash Borough Council10%£196.59£201.592.54%
Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner13%£241.60£251.604.14%
Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Authority4%£79.27£80.841.98%

Charges 2021/22

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Your band and what you payABCDEFGH
Derbyshire County Council£922.05£1,075.72£1,229.40£1,383.07£1,690.42£1,997.77£2,305.12£2,766.14
Erewash Borough Council£131.06£152.90£174.75£196.59£240.28£283.96£327.65£393.18
Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner£161.07 £187.91£214.76£241.60£295.29£348.98£402.67£483.20
Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Authority£52.85£61.65£70.46£79.27£96.89£114.50£132.12£158.54

Charges 2022/23

Your band and what you payABCDEFGH
Derbyshire County Council949.711,107.991,266.281,424.561,741.132,057.702,374.27 2,849.12
Erewash Borough Council134.39156.79179.19201.59246.39291.19335.98403.18
Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner167.73195.69223.64251.60307.51363.42419.33503.20
Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Authority53.8962.8871.8680.8498.80116.77134.73161.68
Total1,305.721,523.351,740.971,958.592,393.832,829.083,264.31 3,917.18

Erewash Borough Council Requirement 

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Erewash Borough Council 2021/222022/23
Council Tax Requirement£m£m
Gross Expenditure40.538.6
Net Expenditure13.512.9
Less Contributions from balances-1.3-0.9
Net Budget12.212.0
Less Central Government Support (net of collection fund surplus)-1.6 -0.7
Less Business Rates Retention-4.0 -4.5
Council Tax Requirement6.66.8
Add Parish Precepts0.40.5
Total Council Tax Requirement7.07.3
Derbyshire County Council Precept46.6 4.2
Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner8.18.5
Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Authority2.72.7
Total Council Tax Requirement for all Authorities64.466.7

Parish council charges 2021/22 

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Parish Council Charges in £  Parish PreceptParish Band D Charge
DALE ABBEY10,78026.18
LITTLE EATON17,36519.21
STANTON -BY-DALE7,15935.96
WEST HALLAM40,77825.81

Parish council charges 2022/23 

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Parish Council Charges in £  Parish PreceptParish Band D Charge



DALE ABBEY11,31927.51
LITTLE EATON19,102 20.93
STANTON -BY-DALE27,937139.82
WEST HALLAM44,85628.40

If you have any questions regarding the Parish Charge, please contact the relevant Parish Council regarding their decision.  Contact details for the 13 Parish Councils are available from the Parish Councils Page of our website.

Charge for 2021/22 by parish

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Your Council Tax Charge in £ 2021/22 BAND A BAND B BAND C BAND D BAND E BAND FBAND G BAND H
DALE ABBEY1,284.481,498.551,712.641,926.712,354.872,783.033,211.193,853.42
LITTLE EATON1,279.841,493.121,706.441,919.742,346.362,772.963,199.583,839.48
OCKBROOK AND BORROWASH1,291.181,506.361,721.571,936.762,367.162,797.553,227.943,873.52
RISLEY WITH HOPWELL1,288.361,503.071,717.811,932.532,361.992,791.443,220.893,865.06
STANLEY AND STANLEY COMMON1,284.311,498.341,712.411,926.452,354.562,782.653,210.763,852.90
STANTON -BY-DALE1,291.001,506.151,721.331,936.492,366.832,797.163,227.493,872.98
WEST HALLAM1,284.241,498.261,712.311,926.342,354.422,782.493,210.583,852.68
NON PARISHED AREAS1,267.031,478.181,689.371,900.532,322.882,745.213,167.563,801.06

Charge for 2022/23 by parish

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Your Council Tax Charge in £ 2022/23 BAND A BAND B BAND C BAND D BAND E BAND FBAND G BAND H
DALE ABBEY1,324.061,544.751,765.421,986.102,427.452,868.813,310.163,972.20
LITTLE EATON1,319.681,539.631,759.581,979.522,419.412,859.313,299.203,959.04
OCKBROOK AND BORROWASH1,330.641,552.421,774.191,995.962,439.502,883.053,326.603,991.92
RISLEY WITH HOPWELL1,327.881,549.211,770.521,991.832,434.452,877.093,319.713,983.66
STANLEY AND STANLEY COMMON1,323.471,544.061,764.631,985.212,426.362,867.533,308.683,970.42
STANTON -BY-DALE1,398.941,632.101,865.262,098.412,564.723,031.043,497.354,196.82
WEST HALLAM1,324.661,545.441,766.221,986.992,428.542,870.103,311.653,973.98
NON PARISHED AREAS1,305.721,523.351,740.971,958.592,393.832,829.083,264.313,917.18

Environment Agency Midlands Region The Council Tax (Demand Notices) (England) Regulations 2011 Financial Year 2022/23

The Environment Agency is a levying body for its Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Functions under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and the Environment Agency (Levies) (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.

The Environment Agency has powers in respect of flood and coastal erosion risk management for 2369 kilometres of main river and along tidal and sea defences in the area of the Trent Regional Flood and Coastal Committee. Money is spent on the construction of new flood defence schemes, the maintenance of the river system and existing flood defences together with the operation of a flood warning system and management of the risk of coastal erosion. The financial details are: 

                                      Trent Regional Flood and Coastal Committee

                                                      2021/2022         2022/2023

                                                      '000s                  '000s

Gross Expenditure                        £60,839             £72,872

Levies Raised                                £2,180              £2,224

Total Council Tax Base                  1,842                 1,874

The majority of funding for flood defence comes directly from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). However, under the new Partnership Funding rule not all schemes will attract full central funding.To provide local funding for local priorities and contributions for partnership funding the Regional Flood and Coastal Committees recommend through the Environment Agency a local levy.

A change in the gross budgeted expenditure between years reflects the programme of works for both capital and revenue needed by the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee to which you contribute. The total Local Levy raised by this committee has increased by 2.0%The total Local Levy raised has increased from £2,180,037 in 2021/2022 to £2,223,637 for 2022/2023