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We expect a sharp rise in residents trying to get in touch with us in March of each year, as more than 60,000 Council Tax and business rates letters drop through letterboxes.

High volumes of phone calls will usually result in delays in speaking to staff and we advise residents to use our website and register for a My Erewash account   Answers to many of the questions that people want to ask are available online.

Council Tax Property Bands 

All domestic properties are chargeable properties for the purposes of Council Tax and the amount of Council Tax payable depends on the valuation band into which the property has been placed. Each property has been banded based on its expected selling price as at April 1991.

Find your Council Tax Band

You can find your Council Tax band at

Property bands for council tax


Value (£)

ANot over £40,000
BBetween £40,001 and £52,000
CBetween £52,001 and £68,000
DBetween £68,001 and £88,000
EBetween £88,001 and £120,000
FBetween £120,001 and £160,000
GBetween £160,001 and £320,000
HOver £320,001

Council Tax appeals

You may feel that you have grounds for appealing about the banding of your property to the Valuation Office Agency

The grounds for appeal about banding are restricted to the following cases:

  • Where you believe that the banding should be changed because there has been a material increase or material reduction (this is explained below) in the dwelling’s value.

  • Where you start or stop using part of your dwelling to carry out a business, or the balance between the domestic and business use changes.

  • Where the listing officer has altered a list without a proposal having been made by a taxpayer

  • Where you become the taxpayer in respect of a dwelling for the first time. (Your appeal must be made within six months, but if the same appeal has already been considered and determined by a Valuation Tribunal, it cannot be made again.)

A material increase in value may result from building, engineering, or other work carried out on the dwelling. In these cases revaluation does not take place until after a sale – so the person appealing would usually be the new owner or resident.

A material reduction in value may result from the demolition of any part of the dwelling, any physical change in the state of the local area or an adaptation to make the dwelling suitable for use by someone with a physical disability. In these cases revaluation should take place as soon as possible.

If you cannot use the online service on, call 03000 501 501. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.

Advice For Customers Requesting A Council Tax Band Review

If you want to request a review of your Council Tax band, you will need to explain to the Valuation Office Agency why you believe your band is incorrect and provide supporting evidence.  Please click on the following links for more information:

Guidance from the Valuation Office Agency 

Challenging Your Band - Valuation Office Agency Article