Erewash Borough Council

Supplementary Planning Documents

Planning Policy has produced a number of Supplementary Planning Documents  which help to expand or add clarity to our Local Plan policies. The Borough Council’s portfolio of SPDs take a number of different formats; while the most commonplace are issue-based documents (of which several exist), others look at area-wide development potential, while others present masterplans to help address the challenges of complex sites.

SPDs are not subject to the same level of independent scrutiny through the examination process. Despite this, it is still vital to involve the community and all relevant stakeholders in their preparation. The content of SPDs is a material consideration in the determination of planning applications, which means the eleven adopted documents form an important part of the Council’s decision-making responsibilities when it assesses the suitability of proposed development.

If you wish to discuss matters connected to the content of the SPD’s then please get in touch with Planning Policy who will provide help and assistance.

Below are links to the Borough Council's adopted SPDs. For more information regarding the Developer Contributions SPD, Ilkeston Gateway SPD or Stanton Regeneration Site SPD, please see the panel on the right-hand side of this web page.

Erewash Borough Adopted SPDs