Upcoming Road Closures

  • Temporary Road Closure: Chapel Street and Bath Street, Ilkeston - Monday 22 August 2022 to Wednesday 24 August 2022. To facilitate a new water main connection. Where: Chapel Street - at its junction with Bath Street; implementation of the Suspension of a One-Way Order on Bath Street, between its junctions with Station Road and Chapel Street. The suggested alternative route is Station Road, Albion Street, Ilkeston.

  • Temporary Road Closure: Wilne 10K Road Race - Church Wilne, Draycott and Breaston - Sunday 4 September 2022 between 8.00am and 12.00 noon. To hold the Wilne 10K road race. Where: Sawley Road - in its entirety; Lodge Street - in its entirety; South Street - in its entirety; Market Street - from its junction with South Street to its junction with Derwent Street; Wilne Road - in its entirety; Wilne Lane - in its entirety.