Street Naming and Numbering

Street naming and numbering is a legal function to allocate house numbers and road names logically to any new developments and property conversions, so that emergency service vehicles (ambulances, fire appliances and police) are able to speedily locate any address to which they may be summoned; and to enable effective delivery of mail.

Please note that we do not determine postcodes, but where necessary can request new postcodes from the Royal Mail after new street names and numbers have been agreed. Royal Mail will not allocate postcodes without this formal notification from us.

Owners/developers will encounter difficulties in obtaining mail, goods and services from a variety of sources if they do not have an official postal address. For example, this could cause difficulties when applying for a credit card, obtaining goods by mail order or requesting installation of new services or utilities.

It is recommended that owners/developers commence the street naming and numbering process as soon as possible after receiving approval for a planning application and at the latest this should be before any new building development or conversion is completed. This is due to the fact that the consultation process for approving new street names can take a considerable amount of time.

To reduce the consultation period, the council has an approved street name list that has already passed through part of the consultation phase. Owners and developers can select new street names from this list or alternatively can suggest their own names.

Further information

For further information and advice about street naming and numbering please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact by telephone on 0115 907 2244.