Erewash Core Strategy Review

Library of representations made in response to Regulation 19 Publication

The Borough Council are required by Local Planning Regulations to publish all duly made representations made in response to consultation over its Publication (Regulation 19) version of the Erewash Core Strategy Review which took place earlier in 2022. In total, 3,250 duly made representations were received by the Council in response to the consultation.

As described in more detail in the Statement of Consultation, a large component of the 3,250 representations came from a single mass-circulated letter of objection. This accounted for 2,983 of the total number, with a further 267 representations originating from specific and general consultee bodies. This batch of representations includes a number of individual representations made by members of the general public.

For practical purposes, the Council will only present one copy of the 2,983 representations here on its website. However, a full schedule of everyone who submitted this format of representation can be found in the mass-circulated representation numbering index found below

Of the remaining representations, these have had personal details redacted to comply with GDPR requirements. The 267 representations (plus a copy of the mass-circulated objection) can be found below. A table of representation numbers with the respondent’s name and (where applicable) organisation is available below and will help you to locate any representations of interest from the downloads listed below that representations are saved across.

Representations received - indexes

Here you will find the indexes for the representations received about the Local Plan.

Download the mass circulated representations number index. 


See the individual representations index.


Representations received

Representations received by email

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Representations received by eform