Advice for Young People

With the cost of housing on the open market rising in the Borough and prices for private rented properties increasing, it can be difficult to move out of home for the first time.

Leaving Home

If you are considering moving out of home for the first time to gain your own independence, or your family are asking you to leave, it is always better to try to have a planned move, as long as it is safe to do so.

There are a number of options you can consider, including:

  • Shared housing

  • Supported housing

  • Private rented housing

  • Social housing information can be found on the Home Options website

For further information on how to plan a move please contact the Housing Options Team on 0115 907 2244.

Asked to leave home?

You could be considered homeless if:

  • You are sleeping on a friend’s floor

  • Experiencing violence (sexual or physical abuse) within your home

  • Staying in temporary accommodation

  • Sleeping rough

  • Staying in a squat

  • Due to a breakdown in your relationship, your parents are asking you to leave.

If you are going to be homeless we can help by talking to other people on your behalf, including:

  • Family, friends and relatives

  • Landlords

  • Housing associations

  • Housing Benefits' staff.

 The Housing Options Officer can help with filling in forms and refer you to other agencies, including:

  • Mediation – if you’ve fallen out with your family.

  • Floating Support – to help manage your tenancy.

Supported Housing

For young vulnerable people leaving home for the first time, it can sometimes prove difficult to live alone. Supported housing initiatives help a young person prepare for independent living.

Paying rent

If you do move out of home into rented accommodation and you are on a low income or you are not working you may be entitled to Housing Benefit to help you pay your rent. However, if you are single and aged 16-25 you will normally only be entitled to enough housing benefit to cover the average cost of a room in a shared house in the area.

Aged 16 - 17

If you are aged 16-17 and homeless, you should also approach Children's Services at Derbyshire County Council on 0845 6058058, as they have a duty to determine whether they should offer any support to you under the Children's Act 1989.

Other useful contacts

Citizens Advice Bureau Free housing advice. Call 0300 456 8390.

Hostels, advice and Support services

Call Derbyshire – Out of hours emergency homeless service. Call 01629 532600.

Shelter website - Free housing advice helpline. Call 0808 800 4444