Risk Assessment

As a designated Category 1 responder under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, we are required to carry out risk assessments within our area.

In Derbyshire this process involves working with our partners including the emergency services and the health community to assess the level of risk for a range of potential hazards. The type of hazards we are looking at, cover a wide range and include threats to human health, for example caused by a serious outbreak of a new human influenza virus, sometimes called pandemic influenza. We also assess the likelihood of, and potential impacts associated with industrial accidents, flooding, transport accidents, the terrorist threat and serious disruption to the supply of fuel, energy, communications and other essential services.

Community risk registers have been compiled to show the results of these detailed assessments. This enables us to better understand our risks and vulnerabilities, decide our priorities and identify the further actions required, including enhanced contingency planning.

Our joint aim within Derbyshire is to improve our capability to respond to any disruptive challenges, minimise the effects on our communities and to keep residents well informed while we also continue to deliver our own critical services at the required level.

View the Community Risk Registers and the risk rating matrix on the Derbyshire Prepared website.