Reporting Anti-social behaviour


Anti-social behaviour

To report anti-social behaviour, contact us on 0115 907 2244 (Monday-Thursday 8.30am - 5pm and Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm or you can also use our online reporting form

What you can expect whilst accessing our services

Within 2 working days of you first contacting us you will receive either verbal or written communication for a member of the team to discuss your issues further.

We will take action depending on the circumstances and how serious the incidents are, for example issuing an incident form to record future incidents, sending warning letter to parents to working with poice to look at a criminal behaviour order.

We will treat all concerns seriously, investigating them promptly and fairly

Erewash Safety Partnership recognises the huge effect that anti-social behaviour has on communities and therefore has made reducing anti-social behaviour one of its key priorities.