Food and Premises Complaints

We undertake investigations into complaints regarding food premises and food purchased within the Erewash Borough. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to establish the cause of the food complaint or to collect sufficient evidence to take further action. If the food was purchased outside the Erewash area, you should contact the local authority where it was purchased.

Complaints regarding the inaccurate labelling of food, weights and measures or the quality or nature of food are dealt with by Derbyshire County Council Trading Standards.

Food Premises Concerns

We will only investigate complaints about food premises which relate to food safety. We cannot investigate complaints regarding the price of food or poor customer service. Things we will investigate include:

  • Sighting of vermin or pests in food premises
  • Poor levels of cleanliness in food areas
  • Poor food handing practices
  • Pets or animals in food areas
  • People smoking in food areas

We ask that you provide us with your contact details, which are kept confidential. In some cases it may be necessary to ask if you will make a Witness Statement if your complaint results in legal action being taken against the premises.

If you have concerns about a food premises, please contact us at the address below.

Food Complaints (purchased in the Borough)

Environmental Health only deal with complaints which affect the safety of the food. These include:

  • Food containing foreign bodies such as glass, hair or insects.

  • Food that is out of condition such as mouldy, rotten or off smelling.

Please save the food in the original container and keep the receipt. If the food is part of a multipack, it would be useful to save those as well.

Other complaints regarding quality are dealt with by Derbyshire County Council Trading Standards.

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