Stray Dogs

Lost and stray dogs can be a danger and cause concern for those using streets and highways.

We deal with all stray dogs in and out of office hours. This is inclusive of weekends and bank holidays. At certain times, a Neighbourhood Dog Warden may not be able to attend to your property to collect the dog until the following working day. During this time, we ask that the dog be contained or taken to a drop off point which will be advised by calling our Contact Centre on 0115 907 2244.

Please note that we do not deal with dangerous or unwanted dogs.

Report a stray dog

To report a stray dog, you may be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your contact details including name, address, telephone and email.
  • A description of the dog including colour, breed, size, age and sex,
  • The date and time when you found the dog.
  • The location where the dog was found.
  • If the dog is wearing any form of identification.
  • The address where the dog could be collected from.

If you find a stray dog message us on the Erewash Neighbourhood Dog Wardens Facebook or use an on-line form in your My Erewash account.

If a dog is caught straying, our Neighbourhood Dog Wardens will attempt to trace the owners and notify them as to where their dog may be collected. Any stray dogs are kept safely for up to seven clear days and if not claimed will be considered for rehoming.

Please be advised that if the Council has to pick up your dog as a stray then there will be a Penalty Fee incurred. At present this fee is £85.00. The cost for kennels, vaccinations and any required vet treatment will also be passed on to you as the owner.

If you have a complaint regarding dogs straying on school premises or interfering with the flow of traffic we will endeavour to deal with this as a priority.