Fast Funding Community Grants (formerly Small Grant Community Chest  Grants) - Now closed.

EBC Fast Funding Community Grants of up to a maximum of £500 are available to organisations for small community projects and/or groups that require fast start up support. Projects must be in line with council's current Corporate Plan priorities and aim to improve the overall quality of life and wellbeing of residents.  

The scheme is using a streamlined and less complex application and assessment process to help ensure that all applications are prepared for consideration by an Awarding Panel as soon as practicably possible. Payment of grant awards will also be able to be made at the earliest opportunity to projects that are delivering benefits and positive impacts to Erewash residents and communities. 

Read the Guidance notes about the scheme including details on how to apply. Scheme now closed.  

Information and assistance

If you require further advice and assistance regarding Fast Funding Community Grants or EBC Community Grants please contact the council's Community Engagement Officer via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0115 9072257.

Small Arts Grants - Scheme now closed. 

Are you passionate about the Arts, music, dance, theatre, supporting community groups?

If you are an arts professional, community group, local individual or arts organisation within the borough, we may be able to help with your creative initiative. Erewash Borough Council are pleased to announce that Small Arts grants are again available. 

Not-for-profit organisations, voluntary groups and charities can apply for a Small Arts grant for projects that support the development of arts and culture within the borough and are for the benefit of Erewash residents. To qualify you need to be a constituted group with a bank account.

The maximum award available is anything up to £800.00. Successful candidates will need to evidence other sources of income in support of projects as Small Arts grant awards usually support match funded creative activity.

The total funding available is limited, so once the budget has been allocated for the year the grant programme will be closed until April 2023, subject to the availability of funding. For an application pack or to discuss your ideas further please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0115 9071132.

EBC Community Grants - Scheme now closed.

The Community Grants programme focuses on the outcomes and the differences that are made as a result of projects or activities and not solely the activities themselves. The council is keen to understand the benefits for residents and any positive changes as a result.

Therefore, grant applications will need to:

  • Detail the outcome(s) that will be achieved by the activity.
  • Tell the council how applicants will provide evidence that the specified outcomes have been achieved.

Preference will be given to funding applications which meet the council's priorities, including those contained in EBC’s current Corporate Plan, together with any others detailed at the time grant funding is made available. Full details will be published here.
In addition to the priorities mentioned above, projects that can demonstrate a positive impact on one or more of the following areas will be welcomed:

  • Improving community cohesion.
  • Improving mental and physical health.
  • Reducing social and economic inequality.
  • Reducing barriers to activities.

These could be subject to change over the life of this policy, details will be published on the website at the time funding rounds are launched.

Applicants are encouraged to please read the Community Grants scheme Guidance for more information which includes details about how to apply.

Support for local groups and Community Sport Providers

Erewash Borough Council Sport and Health Development Team strive to support local community groups and clubs in a variety of ways. We appreciate grant funding is a challenge for most groups and we are committed to supporting groups in this area. As a service we don’t have funds to support clubs directly but we can offer the following:

  • Regular updates on local, regional and national funding opportunities.
  • Dedicated staff to support groups with funding applications.
  • Networking opportunities, promoting shared resources.
  • Information regarding local and national campaigns that groups can take advantage of.
  • Support in accessing relevant training for staff and volunteers.

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Community Health & Wellbeing Manager or call 0115 9316079.