Animal Welfare Licences

The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations introduced a ‘star’ rating. This allows for the local authority to issue a 1, 2 or a 3 year licence depending on the standards in place.


Application for a single licensed activity:

  • Breeding of dogs - plus veterinary fees and administration* costs for new applications.
  • Providing or arranging for the provision of boarding for cats and/or dogs.
  • Selling animals as pets.
  • Hiring out Horses - plus veterinary fees and administration* costs.

Cost:  £288.00 Application fee (non refundable) £119.00 Compliance fee – payable once licence is granted and before licence is issued £20.00 Administration fee where applicable.

Additional licensed activity when included in a single application (payable on application): £75

Hiring out horses - annual veterinary inspection fee for 2 or 3 year licences: £20 plus veterinary fee.

Fee for licence variations as detailed below: £214.00

  • Application to vary a licence if a visit is required
  • Visit for re-rating purposes (at licensee’s request)
  • Re-instatement of licence after suspension
  • Re-inspection following appeal. 

Keeping or training animals for exhibition: £210.00

Replacement of lost licence/provision of duplicate: £15.00

• Administration charge for licence variation: £20.00
• Administration charge applied if a refund of licence fee required: £20.00

You are advised to download and read the procedural guidance on which outlines the star rating scheme as well as the specific guidance notes.

Please go to the specific activity page for additional information.

Please note - Dangerous wild animal and zoo licences are not included in this legislation

List of Licenced Providers

Local authorities are expected to publish a list of licenced premises and their star rating.  The list is of those premises licenced to the date shown on the list.  Premises appear in star rating order and as extracted from the database so no preference is given to those at the top of the list. The rating is based on a number of issues including written procedures so does not indicate any concerns regarding animal welfare.

Please be aware that the list does not include:

  • Applications that are still being processed, these will be included once the licence has been issued.
  • Franchise host dog boarders that do not need a licence in their own right.
  • Premises that have been assessed as being out of scope and do not require a licence.
  • Dog walkers as this activity does not need a licence.

Licences issued under The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018

 licence reference Star-rating name  Area  Postcode licenced activity licenced activity 2
52570 Dogs R Us Dale Abbey DE7 4PQ AAA  Dogs in Kennelsn/a
507685Hillway Kennels Ockbrook DE72 3RL  AAA Dogs in Kennels  AAE Cat Boarding
51093  5Columbine Farm Kennels Dale Abbey   DE7 4PQ AAA Dogs in Kennelsn/a
51002 3  Brookside Kennels Draycott  DE72 3PE AAA Dogs in Kennels AAE Cat Boarding
55736 3  Barkingham Palace  Morley  DE7 6DL AAA Dogs in Kennels  AAE Cat Boarding
50755 3  Castlefield Kennels Limited West Hallam  DE7 6HZ AAA Dogs in Kennels  AAE Cat Boarding 
62731 PetStay DerbyBreaston  DE72 3AU AAB  Dogs Home Boarding   AAF Arranging Boarding
64836Mia's Mates Long Eaton NG10 2FTAAB Dogs Home Boardingn/a
60730 Canine Assist Sawley NG10 3GP AAB Dogs Home Boardingn/a
62959 5Walkies of Long Eaton Long Eaton NG10 4FT AAB Dogs Home Boardingn/a
61095 Paw Prints Long Eaton NG10 3NA AAB Dogs Home Boardingn/a
63143 Julie Pleass Draycott DE72 3NF AAB Dogs Home Boardingn/a
66632  5Barker's Retreat Long Eaton NG10 4FP AAB Dogs Home Boardingn/a
64839 Nichola BroadhurstBreaston DE72 3AP AAB Dogs Home Boardingn/a
65327 Buddy's Buddies Sawley NG10 3GX AAB Dogs Home Boardingn/a
67259 5Breaston BoardersBreaston DE72 3DNAAB Dogs Home Boardingn/a
671895Breadsall Home Boarding & Doggy Day Care Breadsall DE21 5LL AAB Dogs Home Boardingn/a
686724Barking Mad DerbyBreastonDE72 3BTAAF Arranging Boardingn/a
682024Hound Dog HavenStanleyDE7 6EFAAB Dogs Home Boardingn/a
65199  5Paws and Whiskers Ilkeston Ilkeston DE7 4QY AAB Dogs Home Boardingn/a
65702 Chezmick Pups Sandiacre NG10 5LZ AAD Dog Breedingn/a
67684 Vanessa Smith West Hallam DE7 6HW AAD Dog Breedingn/a
65600 Primigola Pomeranians Ilkeston  DE7 4HJ  AAD Dog Breeding n/a
65600 Jenny Paxton Sandiacre NG10 5FW AAD Dog Breedingn/a
64169The Dale Abbey Cattery Dale Abbey DE7 4PQ AAE Cat Boardingn/a
63318 Ockbrook Boarding Cattery Ockbrook DE72 3RX AAE Cat Boardingn/a
59852 5Whitehouse CatterySandiacre NG10 5EBAAE Cat Boardingn/a
508333Fairfield CatteryDraycott DE72 3PA AAE Cat Boardingn/a
50924 Cottage Cattery Little Eaton DE21 5AU AAE Cat Boardingn/a
52577 5Broomfield College Morley  DE7 6DN  AAG Hiring Horsesn/a
52416  5Oakfield Farm Stanley Common DE7 6FP AAG Hiring Horsesn/a
50781  5St Leonards Riding School  Long Eaton  NG9 6EG AAG Hiring Horses n/a
64999Jollyes Pet SuperstoreIlkeston  DE7 5LF  AAH Selling Pets n/a
68460Watsons Walkies Long Eaton NG10 1DR AAB Dogs Home Boarding n/a
685662All Paws Pet ServicesLong EatonNG10 4JT

AAB Dogs Home Boarding 

689142 AristopupsLong Eaton NG10 4NJAAB Dogs Home Boarding n/a
617632Twinkle Toes Pony Parties Long Eaton NG10 3AP AAG Hiring Horses n/a
690501Doggie DigsIlkeston DE7 4BDAAB Dogs Home Boarding  n/a

1Izabela Donchor-Liszka Long Eaton NG10 4EJAAD Dog Breedingn/a
69192 1Pooch Package Holidays Ilkeston DE6 4SAAAB Dogs Home Boardingg n/a

Keeping or Training Animals for Exhibition

 Licence reference Star-rating Name   Area Postcode  licenced activity 
65856 Not relevant  BB Falconry Experiences  Risley  DE72 3TT  AAI Exhibit Animals 
65948 Not relevant  Twinkle Toes Pony Parties  Sawley  NG10 3AP  AAI Exhibit Animals 
68952 Not-relevant Cyril's Gone Wild Long Eaton NG10 1FR AAI Exhibit Animals