Report a Repair for a Housing Association Home

The Council has transferred its housing to Emh Homes. Report a repair on its website Emh Homes or call 0300 123 6000 - If you call outside Emh Homes' regular opening hours, you will be directed to their out-of-hours' service.

When reporting a repair Emh Homes will need:

  • Your name and address

  • A contact telephone number

  • Access details to enable the repair to be inspected or carried out

  • A clear description of what is wrong

  • Any special circumstances you have

  • Please note that no inspection or work will be carried out if there is only a child in the property.

When will my repair be carried out?

You can refer to your Tenants' Handbook for more information about the repair priorities.

  • Emergency repairs - within 24 hours. Repairs that need to be carried out to prevent danger or extensive damage to the property

  • Routine repair - within one calendar month.

Which repairs am I responsible for?

In general as a tenant you are responsible for keeping the property clean, in  reasonable decorative order and for any repairs for which your landlord is not responsible. For a full list of these repairs please refer to your Tenants' Handbook.

Which repairs are EMH Homes responsible for?

The company is responsible for:

  • The structure and the exterior of the building

  • The fittings inside your home that your landlord has installed including:

    • sinks

    • baths

    • toilet

    • basin and associated pipework

    • boilers

    • radiators

    • electrical wiring

    • sockets

    • switches

    • internal joinery

    • internal walls

    • floors and ceilings

    • Shared entrances, halls, stairways, lifts, passageways and any other common parts to flats.