Flood Advice to Tenants and Homeowners: Frequently Asked Question

What do I do if I am a tenant in a private rented property?

  • Your landlord is responsible for repairs if your rented home is affected by flooding due to rain which includes:
  • fixing damage to the structure of your home.
  • making sure your water, gas, electricity, sanitation and heating are working.
  • Tell your landlord as soon as possible if your rented home has flooded and needs repairs. Your landlord must then carry out the repairs within a reasonable period.
  • You must tell your landlord if your home is so badly damaged by flooding that you must move out.
  • Although your landlord is not required to find accommodation if you must leave your home due to flood damage or while repairs are carried out, he may have to assist towards the cost of temporary accommodation such as a hotel.
  • If you must move out:
  • tell your landlord why you are leaving.
  • make sure your landlord confirms you can move back in, on the same terms as before once the repairs are done.
  • Confirm with your landlord how long the repairs are expected to take.

What do I do if I am a tenant in an East Midlands Homes or other housing association property?

  • Contact your landlord immediately if your home is at risk of flooding or has been flooded.
  • If you cannot stay in your home due to flood damage your housing association should provide temporary accommodation.

What do I do if I am the homeowner?

  • If you own your home and have to move out due to flooding you are responsible for finding alternative temporary accommodation such as a hotel or staying with friends or family. You will also be responsible for repairs to your property due to flood damage.
  • You should immediately contact your insurance company if your property is at risk of flooding or is flooded. Your buildings/contents insurance policies should cover you for:
  • the costs of repairs if your home is flooded.
  • the replacement of your belongings.
  • other accommodation if you cannot return to your home.
  • legal cover and legal advice.

 What do I do if I am homeless after your home is flooded?

If you are made homeless due to flooding and have nowhere to go you can contact the council’s Housing Options team for advice. You may be asked to complete a homelessness application to determine if you need to be placed into temporary accommodation such as a hotel or bed and breakfast. The council will then help you find somewhere else to live.