Exercise by Referral Scheme

What is it and how can you benefit?

The Exercise by Referral scheme is a 12 week exercise program for people with long term health conditions. Sessions are led by a fully qualified exercise professional and are suitable for beginners.

Regular exercise has many health benefits, especially for people with long term health conditions such as improving mood, building strength, reducing pain and learning how to manage a condition long-term to improve overall quality of life.

There is certain criteria to be eligible for the scheme:

  • Being over the age of 19.
  • A Derbyshire resident or registered with a Derbyshire GP
  • Inactive, for example doing less than 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week
  • Have not been previously referred into the programme.
You must be referred by a healthcare professional such as your GP, Physiotherapist, Practise Nurse, Hospital Staff or Community Mental Health Staff.
Once you have been referred, you will be contacted by an exercise professional who will invite you in to one of the leisure centres for a 1:1 consultation to discuss your goals and what type of exercise is best suited to you.


Sessions on offer

The programme runs for 12 weeks and gym sessions are supervised by a qualified exercise professional who will write you a program and be there to support you. If you want to, you can access the full leisure centre facilities independently where you can access swimming and exercise classes during the 12 week program.

How to refer

Arrange a visit with a healthcare professional who will run through the eligibility criteria and process your referral. Once the referral has been received, the exercise professional shall contact you to invite you in for your 1:1 consultation.

How to refer as a healthcare professional:

You can refer using the online form on the Live Life Better Derbyshire website using the link here (Live Life Better Derbyshire (referral.org.uk)

Once received, Live Life Better Derbyshire will review the patient against the eligibility criteria. If the criteria is met, the patient will be referred to an Exercise Instructor who will contact them via telephone.