Erewash Borough Council

Active Lives in Erewash Awards

Erewash Borough Council are pleased to announce that the nominations are now open for the 2023 Active Lives in Erewash Awards.

These awards will celebrate individuals, community groups and organisations who have positively influenced the lives of people in our communities through physical activity. Since the pandemic the importance of active living, health and wellbeing has become even more significant for both physical and mental health.

There are many dedicated people within our community who are committed to helping others and making a difference across the whole of Erewash. Does this sound like someone you know?

Nominating someone is the perfect way to show your thanks and recognition to those who deserve it. For example; is there someone, a friend, carer, coach, community group or project, that has changed your life and you want to say thank you. Is there someone who has helped to remove the barriers to make physical activity accessible for you, or someone who has been successful in their own sporting achievement in 2023?

To shine a spotlight on these deserving individuals, enter them for one of the awards below:

The 10 award categories are;

  • Active Coach/Activator Award
  • Active Life Award
  • Active Place Award
  • Active School Award
  • Active Volunteer Award
  • Active Young Persons Award
  • Community Group/ Association/ Team Award
  • Legacy Leisure Adversity Award
  • Project/ Initiative/ Innovation Award
  • Special Recognition Award

Nominate using the online form, or download a form to send to us.

The closing date for nominations is 23 October 2023

Award Criteria

The criteria for each award categories are below.

Active Coach/Activator Award

  • A voluntary or paid coach/activator that has given back to a community in Erewash significantly.
  • The definition of ‘coach/activator’ can include community leaders.

Active Life Award

  • Have displayed an outstanding level of personal achievement to improving their health through physical activity.
  • Recognition of an individual who in the last 12 months has made significant change to their health or physical activity.

Active Place Award

  • An open space, venue, business or organisation in the community that has demonstrated a positive approach to improving physical activity levels.
  • An organisation that gives Erewash residents the greatest opportunity to become physically active.

Active School Award

  • A school that has delivered a project or initiative that increased the physical activity, health or wellbeing of their pupils in the last 12 months.

 Active Volunteer Award

  • An individual who has given a significant amount of their time to a group or project involved with physical activity.
  • A volunteer that has provided extra support in providing physical activity above what is expected.

 Active Young Persons Award

  • A person aged 18 or under who has achieved significant change or success in relation to physical activity.
  • A young person aged 18 or under that has given something back into their community.

Community Group/ Association/ Team Award

  • Made a substantial contribution to the local community.
  • A group, association or team of two or more people.

Legacy Leisure Adversity Award

  • An individual whom has not let a limiting illness or disability define their life and activity levels.
  • Have displayed the endeavour to keep physically active in their life throughout adversity.

Project/ Initiative/ Innovation Award

  • A project, initiative or innovation that has been successful in terms of increasing/providing physical activity to the borough and/or individual communities.

Special Recognition Award

  • Have made an outstanding contribution to sport and/or community above what is expected of them for a minimum of three years.