Core Strategy Review Submission Documents

The regulations require the Borough Council to have submitted the following documents:

  • The Sustainability Appraisal (SA) report (a number of appendices also accompany the main SA report)
  • A Submission Policies Map as adoption of the Core Strategy Review would result in changes to the adopted Policies Map 
  • A Statement of Consultation which summarises consultation and engagement occurring from Regulation 18 onwards. 


The Borough Council received a number of representations to its Publication version (Regulation 19) from specific and general consultee bodies. These were supplemented by a large number of representations made by members of the general public. Due to the large volume of representations received, all information about the duly made representations are hosted on the Schedule of Representations page.

The Core Strategy Review has been influenced by a range of evidence base studies spanning a number of topics. A full library of referenced documents can be found on Evidence Base Library page.

The Borough Council is required by Regulation 35 of the regulations referred to above to make available a number of documents. This covers the following documents:

  • The Submission version Core Strategy Review
  • Copies of the SA report, Submission Policies Map and the Statement of Consultation (see link above)
  • Any representations and supporting documents the Borough Council feel are practicable to make available (see link above)
  • A Statement of the Fact explaining where the above documents can be found and the places and times these can be inspected

All general and specific consultee bodies have been made aware of the availability of the above documents.